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Green Lodging Trends Report 2016
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The Green Lodging Survey is the lodging industry’s annual exercise to assess and catalyze green innovation, best practices, and awareness regarding the state of sustainability across hotels worldwide. Updated annually, the Green Lodging Survey helps discover innovative hotel efforts that should be recognized and can benefit peers, and shows what’s trending each year. The Green Lodging Survey is powered by Greenview and managed by Green Lodging News, with the support of innovative sponsors and recognized industry supporters. Learn more below about the survey and how to participate.

Why should you take the Green Lodging Survey:

  • Get a free compare report!  Find out where your property is aligned with best practices, and where it is behind among peers locally and worldwide.
  • Discover new innovative practices that hotels are implementing.
  • Highlight your innovations to showcase to the world in the annual trends report.
  • Become part of the global hotel industry effort to advance sustainability.

Green Lodging Trends Report 2016 Ready for Download

Green Lodging Survey 2017 will open in Q2 2017! Please join us then:

The Survey

Each year we devise a survey of about 100 questions covering the latest in operational practices, facility attributes, and outreach programs to conserve resources, reduce carbon emissions, increase guest experience, and make positive community impact. There is no cost to participate in the Green Lodging Survey. Hotels participate by responding to the survey via an online portal platform where work can be saved and answers easily can be updated for the next year’s survey. In year one there will be a minimum of 500 participating lodging establishments from Tier 1 and Tier 2 markets, with up to 3,000 participating hotels. Subsequent studies are intended for an annual response of 5,000+.

The Trends Report

We analyze the results with general trends and highlight exemplary practices and innovations that stand out, serving as a guidepost for the industry and especially the survey participants.

The Benchmarking Report

We prepare a compare report, confidential to each participant, to serve as a yardstick for a hotel to understand the status of each specific practice within the general participant universe.

Distribution and Press

Participants and reach will stem from databases held by Green Lodging News, Greenview’s network, survey partners including Green Key Global, Clean the World, and Horwath HTL Asia Pacific, and a network of hotel companies, event organizers, destinations, and industry associations. The report will be promoted throughout the year on the Green Lodging News website (over 30,000 unique monthly visitors), in the Green Lodging News weekly e-newsletter, on the Greenview website,
by survey partners and sponsors, through other hotel trade publications such as Green Hotelier, and through such well-known press release distribution services as
Hotel-Online, Hotel News Resource, and Hospitality Net. Additionally, the results will be presented throughout the year at various industry conferences and roundtables, and sent personally to corporate responsibility and sustainability executives at all major brands. The report will be pushed via e-mail to the more than 4,900 opt-in subscribers of Green Lodging News and to tens of thousands of additional hoteliers through media and other partners and sponsors. Participating hotels also will have an opportunity to receive recognition in the published report, press releases, and other external communications.

2016/2017 Timeline

The first annual Green Lodging Survey 2016 closed in Q3 of 2016. Green Lodging Trends Report and customized participant compare report was released on November 28, 2016.

Green Lodging Survey 2017 will launch during Q2 of 2017.  Please visit us then to take part in the world’s largest benchmarking exercise for sustainability best practices.

The Survey Model

Survey questions are designed to identify 1) uptake of best practices and 2) new innovative practices that are emerging. We open the survey each year for a 2-month period. Participants fill out the survey via the online Greenview Portal platform. There is no cost for hotels to participate (we fund the project with sponsorship). Results are analyzed, and each participants receives a confidential comparative benchmarking report, indicating their answer in comparison to the uptake of each practice within segment, region, and globally. Hotel company supporters receive aggregate portfolio reports for their properties under ownership or management. We publish a free, publicly available trends report highlighting uptake, and examples of innovation found (this report does not mention any performance of specific properties or brands). Then we use the results to design the next year’s survey, repeating the process. Survey participants’ answers are kept on file confidentially through the Greenview Portal, making it easier to update and participate in subsequent surveys.


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What is the process for signing up and taking the survey?

Each participant must be linked to a specific property, and duplication is not allowed. To sign up, participants must either register their property to the Greenview portal, or locate it if already registered (there are no fees for registration). Greenview verifies the hotel and user and sends login details. Once received participants log into the Greenview Portal and click on the Green Lodging Survey in the dashboard homepage.

Is there a fee to participate?

No, there is no fee for hotels to participate.

Who sees each hotel’s results?

The results are kept confidential, with Greenview hosting the data and benchmarking reports, and Green Lodging News receiving the consolidated trends results and individual highlights of innovation mentioned in order to produce the public trends report. Sponsors do not receive the results. Hotel companies that join the project as industry supporters may receive results specifically for their properties under ownership or management.

When will the reports be released?

We anticipate to release the results in the fall of 2016, likely October.

I’d like to participate next year, how do I get involved now?

You can find out more by signing up for our newsletters at the right and we will keep you posted on this year’s results and next year’s launch.

What types of information does the survey cover?

Though called the “green” lodging survey, several aspects of sustainability are covered, including efficient building design and operations as well as community efforts and charitable giving. Topics such as energy, water, waste, carbon emissions, green meetings programs, community giving, employee engagement, guest engagement, and much more are covered. The questions are largely yes/no in nature or asking for a range of implementation within the property. No data are requested as part of the survey.

Green Lodging Survey 2017 will open in Q2 2017! Please join us then: