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Features Created for Hotels & Venues

Greenview Portal Subscription Options

     Features & Benefits
  • Multi-user access
  • Participate in Green Trends Report Surveys
  • Benchmark your property (survey criteria only)
  • Respond to customer requests
  • Keep-pace dashboard
  • Track your sustainable practices
  • Benchmark all practices in real-time
  • Track your energy, water and waste data
  • Track your operations data for industry KPIs
  • Log your efficiency projects
  • Log your community and giving projects
  • Log your goals and targets
  • Automatically calculate your carbon footprint
  • Generate performance reports
  • Generate HCMI report in client-ready format
  • Generate reports for all logged projects
  • Access climate data
  • Access water risk and biodiversity data
  • Access to the Guidance library with over 50 topics
  • Share and learn among peer users
(surveys only)
$1500 USD(annual subscription)

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