Greenview Portal is an innovative system that makes it easy for you to track, measure, and improve in areas of sustainability and social responsibility for your property or your portfolio. You and your Green Team submit the data; we calculate the rest!

Created specifically for hotels and venues, Greenview Portal connects you and your peers to the ecosystem of global sustainability innovation and best practice to help you improve performance over time, and communicate it through our streamlined system to save everyone time.


For companies, we developed the Portal to solve your growing need to aggregate data and communicate to stakeholders regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance reporting. We built in several tools; aligned to common frameworks such as GRI, CDP, GRESB, and HCMI; and linked up leading certifications to give you a real-time view of your portfolio.

Greenview Portal is a system backed by an industry’s leading sustainability consultancy, Greenview. We built the Portal with our decade of experience to solve our own data management needs, and embedded the flexibility to add new best practices and features over time.